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ChatLuck is a communication tool that replaces email to improve team communication and group work efficiency.

Why ChatLuck?

Faster than email and more secure than a public chat system

Separate work-related chat and increase privacy

Improve inefficiency of emails


What ChatLuck Gives You

Minimize risk with enhanced security
Minimize risk by setting access rights, network policy, terminal authentication, etc. Log management and secure camera  features can be made for further security enhancement.


Manage all users inside and outside the company
Manage all users inside and outside the company. People outside the company can be invited as guests to the environment of use, and it is possible to use them beyond the boundaries of the company. Of course, outsiders have no access to the environment.


Supports on-premise installation
Compatible with both cloud and on-premises. We can support flexible system configurations that meet various installation requirements, such as building your own environment and VPN/network separation.

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